Upgrade & Re-engineering

Re-engineering to Improve Transmission device Performance

With almost 30 years of combined transmission device engineering expertise, INTECH has the ability to re-engineer and upgrade any motor, hydraulic motor, gearbox or gearbox component to the highest quality standards.

Using our extensive engineering expertise, INTECH can provide gearbox overhaul services for any industrial brand, type and model to increase capacity and operating capability.


Upgrading an older motor, hydraulic motor, gearbox not only reduces the risk of failure, but can also deliver significant performance improvements. With our longstanding history and industry expertise, we are able to design and manufacture new, upgraded parts for any brand or model in any industry.

Our engineers are able to upgrade and re-engineer components to ISO standards.

Re-engineering transmission device can be a cost-effective way of increasing performance and productivity. Our combined motor, hydraulic motor, gear design and manufacturing expertise, ensures INTEC is a reliable and knowledgeable partner for re-engineering projects.  Using the latest technology and a wealth of experience, we are able to re-engineer any motor, hydraulic motor, gearbox or gearbox component to OEM quality, most of re-engineering are improved more than 30% capacity and 2 times operation life.

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive OEM motor, hydraulic motor, gearbox engineering expertise
  • We are able to match specifications extremely accurately
  • State of the art tools provide precise measuring of existing components.
  • Gearbox upgrades for any industrial gearbox
  • Increased process speed
  • Higher throughput
  • Improved capacity utilization
  • Establish root cause of failure and engineer performance improvements
  • Reworking older gearbox models to current and future standards
  • Improving industrial gearboxes to ensure they perform to new operating needs
  • Reconfiguration of your gearbox to engineer out any original design flaws
  • Gearbox upgrades to suit a change in your process, duty cycle or working environment

Examples of Re-engineering for Australia customer

Roller table gear unit for slab casting run out roller

  • roller table1

Pulley drive head for mine crystal sand conveyor

  • pulley drive head1