What is a universal coupling

There are many kinds of couplings, which can be divided into:

(1) Fixed coupling: It is mainly used in places where the two shafts are required to be strictly centered and there is no relative displacement during operation. The structure is generally simple, easy to manufacture, and the instantaneous rotation speed of the two shafts is the same.

(2) Movable coupling: It is mainly used in places where the two shafts have deflection or relative displacement during work. According to the method of compensating displacement, it can be divided into rigid movable coupling and elastic movable coupling.

For example: Universal coupling

Universal coupling is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms and make them rotate together to transmit torque. Using the characteristics of its mechanism, the two shafts are not in the same axis, and the connected two shafts can rotate continuously when there is an included angle between the axes, and the torque and motion can be transmitted reliably. The biggest characteristic of universal coupling is that its structure has large angular compensation ability, compact structure and high transmission efficiency. The included angle between the two axes of universal couplings with different structural types is different, generally between 5°~45°. In high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some couplings also have the functions of buffering, damping vibration and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. The coupling consists of two halves, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. General power machines are mostly connected with working machines by means of couplings.

Universal coupling has a variety of structural types, such as: cross shaft type, ball cage type, ball fork type, bump type, ball pin type, ball hinge type, ball hinge plunger type, three pin type, three fork type, three ball pin type, hinge type, etc; The most commonly used are cross shaft type and ball cage type.

The selection of universal coupling mainly considers the rotational speed of the required transmission shaft, the size of the load, the installation accuracy of the two parts to be connected, the stability of rotation, price, etc., and refers to the characteristics of various couplings to select a suitable coupling type .

Post time: Jun-16-2021