Gear enineering work be useful

Gear Engineering

INTECH has extensive experience in gear engineering and design, which is why clients approach us when they are looking for a unique solution to their transmission needs. From Inspiration to Realization, we will work closely with your team to provide expert engineering support throughout the design process. Our inside design services and SolidWorks CAD software give us incredible engineering support and capabilities to provide a range of gear engineering services. These services include:

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering can be a useful technique to solve a number of common gear design problems. This practice can be used to determine the gear geometry of an old, worn out gear that needs replacing, or to recreate a gear when the original drawings are not available. The process of reverse engineering includes deconstructing a gear or assembly in order to evaluate and analyze it. Using advanced measuring and inspection tools, our experienced engineering team uses this process to determine the exact gear geometry of your gear. From there, we can create a copy of the original, and handle full manufacturing of your gears.

Design For Manufacturability

When it comes to large-scale production, gear engineering and design is crucial. Design for Manufacturability is the process of designing or engineering products so they are easy to manufacture. This process allows potential problems to be discovered early on in the design phase, which is the least costly time to fix them.  For gear design, careful consideration must be put into precise gear geometry, strength, materials used, alignment and more. INTECH has extensive experience in gear design for manufacturability.


Rather than start from scratch, INTECH gives you the ability to redesign gears – even if we did not manufacture the original. Whether your gears need only small improvements, or a complete redesign, our engineering and production teams will work with you to improve gear quality.

We’ve helped countless customers create the exact solutions they need.

Post time: Jun-24-2021